Pastor, what if you could have the conference experience without the conference expense?

What if you could have that same conference experience you love without the conference expense you hate? What if you could have those same valuable conversations with like-minded leaders throughout the course of an entire year for a fraction of the cost of one conference?

3 Types of Leadership

There are three main types of organizational leadership. Today, I’m talking about these three types of leadership in the context of the church, but I could as just as well be talking about any organization.

When it comes to leadership in the church, there are three primary questions we need to ask:

  1. Who chooses the leaders? The pastor(s)? Elders? Board?
  2. What makes someone a leader? Talent? Skill? Giftedness? Calling? The fact that they have a pulse?
  3. How should leaders lead? In other words, what should be their driving engine? How should they make decisions and lead others in that way?

The answers to these three questions form the foundation of the three types of leadership. However, what churches often don’t recognize is that the book of Acts in the New Testament of the Bible shows how the coming of the Holy Spirit changes the answers to all of these questions.

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The #1 Thing I’ve learned about Leadership Development

If you ask any pastor in any church of under 300 people what their number one issue is with growing their ministry, I’m guessing 80-90% of them would say, “VOLUNTEERS.” Either we don’t have the quantity of volunteers we need or we don’t have the quality of volunteers we want. As the Lead Pastor of a 7 year-old church plant of 300 people I’ve had to build a volunteer culture from the ground up. We now have roughly 120 people serving with four full-time equivalent (FTE) paid staff (including myself). Over the years, we’ve had a total of 10 (other than myself) paid staff – all of whom have been raised up from within. 

Here’s the #1 thing I’ve learned about leadership development: Staff PEOPLE, not needs. 

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