Leadership Lessons from Joshua: Character Counts (part 1 of 10)

We’ve all seen it. Pastors and ministry leaders who have led hundreds and thousands of people to follow Jesus. They’re gifted teachers and leaders who have built successful ministries and churches, only to throw it all away because they let their guard down for one moment. Then one became two and two became three and three became a harmful habit. They have ended up like Moses, disqualified from leadership because of their indiscretion.

Pastor, what if you could have the conference experience without the conference expense?

What if you could have that same conference experience you love without the conference expense you hate? What if you could have those same valuable conversations with like-minded leaders throughout the course of an entire year for a fraction of the cost of one conference?

6 Things to do When You’re Burned Out

I thought I could just power through it. It will pass. I just have to get through this stretch, then things will get better. But it didn’t get better. Each new day I felt like I was sinking deeper and deeper into a dark pit that I couldn’t pull myself out of. I knew I needed to make some significant changes, but I didn’t know how. I felt trapped.