The #1 Thing I’ve learned about Leadership Development

If you ask any pastor in any church of under 300 people what their number one issue is with growing their ministry, I’m guessing 80-90% of them would say, “VOLUNTEERS.” Either we don’t have the quantity of volunteers we need or we don’t have the quality of volunteers we want. As the Lead Pastor of a 7 year-old church plant of 300 people I’ve had to build a volunteer culture from the ground up. We now have roughly 120 people serving with four full-time equivalent (FTE) paid staff (including myself). Over the years, we’ve had a total of 10 (other than myself) paid staff – all of whom have been raised up from within. 

Here’s the #1 thing I’ve learned about leadership development: Staff PEOPLE, not needs. 

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3 Ways that God is Small

(This is the 4th and final post answering the question, “Is God Good?”)

Christians have the unique belief that God is both great and good. He is big and small at the same time. He is a great big God who actually cares about little ol’ me. Our God is neither uninvolved in creation, nor uninvolved in our lives. He didn’t create haphazardly without a direction or plan. Neither did He just set the world in motion and then leave us to figure it all out on our own.

The Bible teaches that not only is God big, but He is actually quite “small.” We see the bigness of God in the Trinity – He is so big that He cannot be contained in just one person. But it is also in the unique personhood of the different members of the Trinity that we experience His smallness.

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