Jacked-up Bible Stories: Judah and Tamar

Jacked-up Bible Stories are real stories of real people from the Bible. They are the real, raw, unfiltered stories of people, places, and events from the Scriptures. They are stories so messed-up that someone said, “Wait! I have to write this down or no one is ever going to believe it!” They are the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction stories of people of whom God said, “Their story needs to be included in My Story so that everyone can see that you are never too far-gone, broken, or lost that I can’t redeem you and use you.” This story is about a couple of really-jacked-up people named Judah and Tamar.

Five Observations from a Long Road Trip with a Large Family in the Summer of Covid-19

Our family of eight just returned from a 4,000+ mile road trip from the northwest corner of Minnesota to southwest Florida. I had a lot of reservations about making such a long trip, given the current state of affairs, and spending a month in the “Covid Capital of the USA,” but I wasn’t about to let fear dictate our plans.