Pastor, what if you could have the conference experience without the conference expense?

What if you could have that same conference experience you love without the conference expense you hate? What if you could have those same valuable conversations with like-minded leaders throughout the course of an entire year for a fraction of the cost of one conference?

Five Observations from a Long Road Trip with a Large Family in the Summer of Covid-19

Our family of eight just returned from a 4,000+ mile road trip from the northwest corner of Minnesota to southwest Florida. I had a lot of reservations about making such a long trip, given the current state of affairs, and spending a month in the “Covid Capital of the USA,” but I wasn’t about to let fear dictate our plans.

What Does Ephesus Have to do with Minneapolis?

our reasons for seeking racial reconciliation go even deeper than Christ’s command to love people and the truth that all people are created in the image of God. It is at the heart of everything Christ said and did. Racial reconciliation isn’t just ancillary to the Gospel; it IS the Gospel.