Pastor, what if you could have the conference experience without the conference expense?

I love going to conferences! I’m the guy that walks by the sponsor tables when nobody’s there and takes all the free stuff. Yeah, that’s me. It’s not stealing. They’re giving it away. And I’m ready to take it. Just as soon as they leave.

In some twisted way, I feel vindicated in taking home a suitcase full of freebies to offset the exorbitant conference costs. Registration. Airfare. Car rental. Hotel. Food. That’s my entire annual budget spent in three days!

You with me?

(This is not an endorsement of the movie, which I have not seen. For the record.)

But what I realized is what I love most about going to conferences is the after-hours conversations that happen over dinner, a beverage, or in the hot tub (that sounded really scandalous as I wrote that).

I learn a lot from the conference presenters, but I always go home feeling like I learned more of value from the conversations. Why? Because these people are usually more aligned with where I’m at than the mega-pastor on the stage and I can interact, ask questions, and even connect with them after the conference is over.

Still with me?

So, what if you could have that same conference experience you love without the conference expense you hate? What if you could have those same valuable conversations with like-minded leaders throughout the course of an entire year for a fraction of the cost of one conference?

Well, now you can! (said in an overly-enthused, toothy, cheese-ridden infomercial way).

But wait! There’s more!

Seriously, what if you could gather together with 6-8 other pastors every month to discuss topics that are relevant to you? Questions like,

  • How do I develop leaders?
  • How do I staff effectively as my church grows? (Or, how do I staff for growth?)
  • How do I create a discipleship pathway?
  • How can we make our video-streaming/virtual church experience better?
  • How do I find rest and refreshment with all the demands of ministry and family?

These are just some examples. The questions/topics could be anything that you decide is relevant. But imagine getting the input, insight, and ideas of other high-capacity leaders. Imagine encouraging and strengthening others with what you have learned. Wouldn’t that be valuable?

Enter the PastorMind

So here’s my idea: 6-8 pastors meet together virtually for 12 monthly 2-hour sessions to discuss 12 group-determined topics.

That’s it.

Mind blown?

I know. Ground-breaking. Right?

No. It’s not.

This really is nothing new. Mastermind groups have been around for over 250 years as a profound source of peer-learning and dynamic problem-solving in the business community. These groups have helped thousands of leaders grow personally and professionally by challenging each other to reach new heights previously thought to be unattainable. The PastorMind is a mastermind group designed specifically for pastors.

It may not be revolutionary, but is it valuable? YES!!!

Growth-inducing? Absolutely!

Transformational, even? It could be!

How does it work? When does it meet?

The PastorMind will meet once a month for 2 hours over Zoom. The meeting day and time will be determined by the PastorMind participants before the first session. Once the day and time have been established, it will remain the same for the duration. The anticipated start date is sometime in May.

A list of 10 discussion topics will be agreed upon by the group prior to the first session. We will intentionally leave 2 topics “open” to accommodate any relevant current event issues that may arise over the course of the year. Each PM session will consist of discussing just one of these topics.

The Facilitator may assign a relevant reading, video, or podcast prior to the meeting to help inform the discussion. During the session, the Facilitator will guide the discussion by asking thought-provoking questions, sharing from his own experience and knowledge, and challenging participants to set goals and take action from what they have learned. Each participant will be encouraged to share from their own experience and areas of expertise, ask questions of others, and listen intently.

Who is facilitating the PastorMind?

As your PastorMind Facilitator, Jeff Gauss brings 30 years of ministry experience in a variety of contexts, 19 years of which was served as a Church Planter/Senior Pastor. He has served as a regional church planting director for Converge and has coached dozens of leaders. He founded Church Plant Solutions, where he helps churches build on a firm financial foundation. He is also a certified speaker, coach, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team.

And, of course, you want to know how much it costs, right?

This is perhaps the best part! Call it a divine prompting, stupidity, or an unrelenting devotion to serving pastors, but I am offering this PastorMind group for just $300 for the entire year!!! (75% OFF the normal cost!)

That’s 12 – 2-hour mastermind sessions — 24 hours of dynamic interactive learning for just $12.50 an hour. I don’t think that’s even minimum wage in some states!

What are others saying?

“Being a part of the PastorMind is worth your investment. Jeff is a great coach and has an amazing ability to ask questions that helps you to discover the answers to your questions without just simply telling you what to do. For me, that alone is worth it. He is authentic and is able to quickly understand your context and help you discover how to better yourself and your leadership. I am thankful to have someone who understands my context, and personalizes the coaching to my organization.”

Josh Christenson, Imagine Church

Ready to grow your leadership?

Send me a message to get more details. No obligation. No bait-and-switch. No up-selling.

Hurry! This is limited to the first 8 pastors to make a commitment to the group.

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