Worried About Finances? That’s Not Your Concern

I admit it. I’m a little worried right now. (And by “a little,” I mean a lot).

I’m not so much worried about my health or the health of my family. We’re taking proper precautions, following the guidelines of our government authorities. There’s not a whole more we can do (or not do) at this point. If we get sick, we get sick.

No, what I’m worried about is finances.


I’m self-employed. I started a new business, Church Plant Solutions, just about 9 months ago to help churches (particularly church plants) with their finances. God has already blessed me ridiculously beyond what I deserve, but like many small business owners, I’m worried how the present crisis is going to affect the future.

When it comes to money, we all have a lot to worry about right now.

  • Is my job going to be eliminated?
  • Will I lose my business?
  • How will we pay the bills?
  • Could I lose my house?
  • How will my retirement fund be affected?

I’m right there with you. If I let myself, I can spiral down that thought-trail until I’m lying in a heap on the floor.

Here’s the reality-check:

“So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’ These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs.” (Matthew 6:31-32)

Jesus gives our worries a big ol’ slap in the face!

“You’re not a pagan,” he says. “They have a lot to worry about. But not you! You’re a child of the Creator and Sustainer of all life. So, do what a child does and trust your parent to provide for all of your needs.”

See, that’s the thing. My kids aren’t worried. They don’t have bills to pay. They don’t have a job to lose. They don’t pay the mortgage. I take care of those things. For the most part, they don’t even think about such things.

Occasionally, however, one of my children does express worry about some adult-level things, and our parental response is, “That’s a parent concern, not a kid concern.”

That’s exactly what Jesus is saying to us worrying adults!  

Will I lose my job or business? That’s a Father’s concern, not a kid concern.

Will I be able to pay my bills? That’s a Father’s concern, not a kid concern.

What’s going to happen to my retirement? That’s a Father’s concern, not a kid concern.

If our Father provides for unemployed plants and animals, He will certainly provide for you (Matthew 6:26-30).

So, whenever you find yourself worrying about where you’ll work or how you’ll eat – remind yourself: That’s my Father’s concern, not mine.

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