The Church Buildings are Empty. Hallelujah!

We are living in hard times.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. Your life was dealt a serious curve ball over the past month.

Perhaps you lost your job, or worse, your business.

Perhaps you’ve been stricken by the virus or have lost a loved one.

Perhaps you’re an essential employee and you’ve been working your butt off to serve and protect. THANK YOU!!!

Or maybe you’re just an ordinary average citizen whose life has been turned upside-down by social distancing, sheltering in place, working from home, AND schooling your children.

There hasn’t been anything like this in any of our lifetimes. We’re all learning and adapting on the fly to the daily changes coming our way.

We’re prisoners in our own homes, and with each day that passes, more days are added to our collective sentence.

It can be overwhelming. Depressing. Scary.

When will it end?

How will we come out of this?

Will we come out of this?

What will life look like post-Corona?

Will I lose my business?

My home?

My church?

My retirement?


I am thankful for the way our government has acted quickly to help Americans financially. The CARES Act provides economic relief for individuals and small businesses. But we need more than just financial support to get through this time.

What about emotional support?

Mental health?

Relational wellbeing?

Soul care?

These are things we need that our government cannot readily supply.

There’s only one organization that can help meet all of our needs – THE CHURCH – and it’s because it’s not just an organization.

The Church is an organism.

It lives.

It breathes.

It serves.

It loves.

Today, for the first time in history, church buildings all around the world will stand empty on Easter.

But the Church is NOT closed.

Easter is NOT canceled!

Rather, it is likely that more people will “attend” church today than ever before!

That’s because the Church is NOT a building.

The Church is the people in which the Spirit of God lives (see 1 Corinthians 3:16).

Gathered. Scattered. Virtual. Real.

It is fitting that church buildings are empty on Easter.

Death could not contain Christ and the Corona virus cannot contain the Church!

She is alive!

The Church is being revived, reborn, resurrected!

She is more united, relevant, and powerful than ever!

Jesus lives! And so does His Church!!!

The church buildings are empty. HALLELUJAH!!!

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