How to Maximize your Time

In our fast-paced culture, we are always on the go, running here and there, trying to do more in less time. We over-commit. We get anxious and overwhelmed with all of our tasks and responsibilities. We are strained, stressed, and spread thin. So we try to take the fastest route, buy pre-prepared meals, and download apps – all in an effort to just save us a little bit of that precious commodity called time.

The reality is: Time can’t be saved. It can only be spent.

But here’s the thing: it’s not even our time to busy-running-schedule-300x199spend. Like everything else, God gives us time to manage. It is a resource, like money, that can either be invested or wasted.

The question is, How are you managing God’s time?

Are you investing it? Spending it on things that have residual value? Giving it away to bless others and help them grow? Multiplying it to better serve His Kingdom?

Or are you just consuming it? Using it all up for yourself? Wasting it on things that have no real value?

Sure, most of us would “invest” more time in others if we had more time to invest. The truth is, you can’t make more time, but you can maximize it.

Here’s how:

  1. Budget your time. 

Just like you do with money, order your priorities and allot time values to each thing. If I work 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours (or more likely, work = 10, sleep = 6), I still have another 8 hours every day that if I don’t budget, get wasted.

2. Fix your calendar.

Schedule the important things (family, exercise, church, etc.) and treat them as unmovable appointments. If you don’t, other people’s immediate wants will crowd out your important needs.

3. Plan margin.

Don’t pack your schedule so full that you’re running around like a crazy person. There are always going to be interruptions, emergencies, and unexpected disruptions to your time. Leave room for spontaneous conversations, immediate opportunities, etc.

4. Do your best work at your at best time.

We all have things that we enjoy doing more than others. We all have times of the day when we have more energy than at other times. Do the things you’re best at when you have the most energy.

The goal isn’t simply to “get more done.” The goal is to be a better manager of God’s time, so I can give more time to who and what matters most.

How have you learned to maximize your time? Please share in the comments.



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