How do you develop leaders?

(This is Part Three of my teaching notes from “Developing and Reproducing Leaders” workshop at the Converge Northcentral Thrive Conference, October 30, 2015)

“You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.” (2 Timothy 2:2)


  1. Culture & Chemistry
    1. How often do you see a star athlete go to another team and under-perform? Or vice versa? It’s all about the environment – chemistry and culture.
    2. Having the right team is about 30% about having the right people and 70% about having the right environment for leadership to flourish.
    3. In the right environment, average leaders become good leaders; good leaders become great leaders. But in the wrong environment, great leaders are reduced to “OK” leaders.
    4. Staff meetings are 3 hours long.
      1. Everyone from stipend staff to pastors.
      2. If all you’re doing is business then you’ll just be a business.
      3. But if you want to develop leaders you have to spend time together – laughing, learning, challenging, and encouraging
    5. Spend time together – eating, playing, traveling, etc.
  2. T.E.A.M. approach – four things every team member (volunteer or staff) needs to be successful.
    1. Training
      1. Three month trial period.
      2. Books, articles, podcasts, videos (Rightnow Media), etc.
      3. Conferences/seminars/workshops
        1. We took 16 people to the GLS
        2. 8 people to Larry Osborne
        3. We’ve gone as a team to the Converge Network Gathering & Exponential
        4. Pastor’s study break
    2. Encouragement
      1. Everyone needs to be encouraged.
        1. Public and private
        2. Thank you notes
        3. Gift cards
        4. Food
      2. Attitudes will lift up or tear down a team.
        1. An attitude compounds when exposed to others.
        2. Bad attitudes compound faster than good ones.
        3. A rotten apple spoils the whole bunch.
      3. Bless and Release
        1. Nobody likes to be micro-managed. It destroys confidence and crushes spirits.
        2. Let them lead (the river)
          1. Don’t dam the river.
          2. Don’t neglect the river.
          3. Channel the river.
        3. Whenever somebody else preaches I sit in the front row and take notes.
    3. Accountability
      1. Job descriptions with clear expectations and person they are accountable to.
      2. Staff covenant
      3. For the Team!
    4. Motivation
      1. The Code – Vision casting – eat, sleep, drink the vision. If you know the what, where, and why then the how becomes much clearer.
      2. People serve and give to vision, not need.
      3. Wins! What happened this week that gave you confidence we are fulfilling our mission and accomplishing our vision?
      4. Bi-annual T.E.A.M. Rally
  3. Leadership Development Community (LDC)
    1. 6 – 8 guys for 10 months.
    2. Required readings, homework, and participation.
  4. Reproducing Leaders
    1. Help them understand what you looked for in them so that they can look for it in others.
    2. Give responsibility incrementally. You can only give people what they are ready for.
    3. Give tasks, not titles. Until they have proven to be competent and trustworthy.
    4. Shoulder-tapping – “Come serve WITH me”
      1. I do, you watch
      2. We do together
      3. You do, I watch
      4. You do, I go do something else

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